All I wanted to do was a check out a photo from 1955. Image above.

It had something to do with Sir Isaac Newton, The Book of Revelation and The Ark of the
Covenant. Yay – one of my easier researches. It’ll take 10 minutes, tops.

Uurm. WRONG.

The quote under my copy of the image above is :

1955, Queen Elisabeth II of the United Kingdom paying her obeisance’s to the Emperors of Ethiopia, the Ras Tafari Makonnen Emperor Haile Selassie and his wife Empress Menen Asfew.

OK. Fine. Why is Betty II Windsor curtseying to an Ethiopian, I asked myself?

Bing, Lightbulb moment. Check veracity of the photo. Oooh. Therein lies a mountain of misinformation. The Google upshot of which is that this photograph does NOT show the British Queen in front of Haile Selassie in 1955. Gawd. No. She’d NEVER do that and ALL of her State Visits are religiously documented.

State Visit? Nothing about a state visit in the quote above.

BUT, just because it looks like Lizzy from the back, doesn’t mean it IS Lizzy.

Good point, Jackie. Well made.

My original research source goes on to say :

Following this thread, although it is shocking and depending on how it seems controversial, it should be noted that it is not at all relevant that the start of the Second World War, when the Jewish holocaust takes place (which was also a gypsy, another original power), begins in 1935 with the Italian invasion of Ethiopia and the dethronement of the Ethiopian emperors. And pulling the thread a little further, it is no coincidence that throughout the 19th century a British monarchy was established in Greece, and that throughout the 20th they merged with each other and with the Hispanic one. The lineage continues its struggle to persist and unify its power to the maximum, while other forms of power aspire to take its place.

Mmmn. Tricky.

Then I watch Simon’s video about the Ethiopian King of Kings (!!!!!!!!)

And we get in Rastafarianism.

I have a headache now :o)

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when they come for you?

P.S. There are several ways to do historical research.

The modus operandi du monde right now is showing pictures and speaking all the bubbles out of your head.

OR – you can get very dirty, very confused and slightly angry about how stupid you are to even think of asking the original question —What, exactly, is this 1955 photo ?