It’s ingrained. Put others before yourself. Of this HEROES are born.

And yet….and yet.

I don’t live in a click on a switch for all and every comfort world. I have to cut logs, or get my boys to do it. Light a wood burner. Which needs constant attention.

Cook food for all. That needs constant attention.

Try to make a living with NOTHING WORTH GIVING to help others. Which needs constant attention.

Yes. We have light switches for illumination. We have wi-fi – in order for two of us to try and earn a living wage.

We have a other “modern” amenities.

Yet still – more is demanded.

More is needed.

More is expected.

I’m just one girl sinking in a sea of other peoples’ WANTS.

Guess who is now sitting in the kitchen which has frost on the INSIDE of the window?

My Mother (God Bless her Soul) ALWAYS said that there were only three things in life that we need.




I’m waiting now for a replay of UAV’s classic Christmas Eve Vidya about DEATH. Why? Because they both knew in 2019 that I’d lost a child AND buried my Mother on Christmas Eve.

How EVIL was that?

Narcs will NEVER change.

They rule their world with an iron hammer.