OMG. The Cathar Cassoulet has been a marathon.

The lady below says that this dish was invented in Castelnaudary during the Albigensian Crusade. The Roman Catholics slaughter of the Cathars.

I knew it was a Languedoc meal but that makes it all the more Historical and Interesting to me.

Anyways – It all began three days ago with the remnants of a chicken, a few veg and some water. Homemade chicken stock.

Then I bought a pork joint to bung in the stock which was in the slow cooker and left it to….cook. For a day.

This morning, early, was time for the rest of the dish to be added. Two cans of white beans, lots of carrots, tinned plum tomatoes, salt, pepper, herbes de provence, some chorizo (Toulouse sausage is unknown in my town) and a splash of dark soy sauce.

BTW – Top Tip : if your stew, casserole, cassoulet is looking a bit thin and runny, just grate a whole raw potato in there and keep cooking for half an hour.

As it is minus 4 degrees outside and not much warmer inside, this has been a great way to warm and cheer up the whole family.

I’m feeling smug :o)

Especially when son announces that it’s better than a pot noodle!!!!!

High Praise.

One for All & All for One