We have a Village Hall. It’s a small Victorian building that was once the village school. Just one big room and a little room at back.

It has an overgrown garden behind and also some accommodation built on the side.

The kerfuffle is a Village Campaign to raise money to repair and keep the Hall as is. Or sell it.

I’m all for keeping our old buildings in their original use but, with this one, I find myself against most of the villagers.

We have houses here. Some gorgeous thatched cottages. A pub and a church.

The church has no resident Reverend and there is only one service a month.

The pub landlady wants to sell up and move on.

What this village needs, desperately, is a SHOP. Especially at this time of year – because all roads out are downhill death-traps in the ice and snow. We have been trapped/snowed in before.

At a guess – 90% of our residents are over 50 years old. We have ZERO young children here and about 4 teenagers.

WHO has never run out of milk or bread or loo roll or Tampax or tobacco or Band Aids or Ibuprofen or a bottle of wine or firelighters or dog food or…?

WHO needs their daily newspaper or a friendly face to see every day or security in the knowledge that they don’t have to defrost their car and risk their life to go into town for something so trivial yet so vital?

Many villages like mine do co-ops. Several families will invest in the business and take turns to run the shop. Great idea – shame about human nature !

What happened to our Local Service COMMUNITY? When did we become a nation of lazy bastards?

I’d absolutely LOVE to buy the building and make a shop. We are surrounded by farms and chicken owners and brilliant bakers/cakemakers and crafts people.

Just one teeny problem.

No Brass in my Pocket :o)