I’m so very lucky. The kitchen in our house is amazing. Big, square, high-ceilinged, with a Rayburn.

Side Note : We’ve grabbled enough cash together to get some oil delivered by Friday or by Monday next. Smiles!

This will be the third or fifth week that I’ve been trying my damnedest to turn the kitchen into a Proper Cook’s Palace. Not easy when three men are wont to THROW things into the nearest cupboard after the washing up stage.

Sigh. I’ve just found my favourite winter boots behind a door in the pantry!!!!! And fluff only knows where cheese grater landed.

Stop complaining, Jackie. OK.

Alexis Soyer was a Victorian cook who specialised in feeding the poor/disadvantaged/war-torn Good Food.

This episode of Pie in the Sky (one of my top 5 fave TV comedy/drama series, boxset bought) is the second one.

Crabbe has found his dream building and is determined to make it into a brilliant restaurant.

He’s a copper who plays Elgar to his chickens and knows too much about criminals.

Enter Steve. A young ex-con with as big a love for food as Henry Crabbe.

They bond over Alexis Soyer :o)