Jeez. Way back in the mists of time – when I was 16 years old and taking my O’levels – I was working in a restaurant when I was meant to be studying.

My school were one of the first to TRIAL what would later become the GCSE via our history O’level exams.

So different from the normal O’level, a GCSE was earned via credits achieved throughout the year rather than relying on one paper exam that covered every year of that subject’s education.

My credits for History were high but the final hurdle was the exam room and a certain subject.

The Arab-Israeli War 1947-1948.

I spent a weekend cramming. Forcing my brain to remember. It got me a B grade. I was NEVER an A in anything :o)

Only now – today – have I realised the repercussions of my teenage history angst.

Shit. This war is so over-shadowed by WW2. And Hitler. And the concentration camps etc.

My husband spent time in Beirut. We were meant to go there as his last army posting. I even brushed up my schoolgirl French in prep.

But we’d pissed off too many of the “on high.”

History repeats ?

Once an Outlaw, Always an Outlaw. LAUGH OUT LOUD.

Oh & BTW : Despite what Americans claim, the tank was invented and developed in……………?

P.S. I KNOW we Brits shafted the Arabs big time here. Not MY fault. I wasn’t alive then.