Jackie – my name.

Jock – my Dad’s nickname in the Royal Marines.

James – the name of my Dad’s brother.

HEY – It’s not the first time we and our ancestors have been wiped from history.

What Jackie, Jock and James share is a surname. GREIG.

Greig is a sept of Mac Gregor. The Highland clan that has been hunted and killed for centuries. We had a choice. DIE or renounce your name.

Some were survivors. They changed their name and fled.

GREIG – my family – ended up in the Royal Kingdom of Fife on the East coast of Scotland. Just over the Firth of Forth from Edinburgh.

One of us became an Admiral in the Russian Navy and also a member of The Royal Society.

My arm of the family became peasants and eternal outcasts.

Uncle Jim died in mysterious circs whilst working for gov dot uk.

Dad was chucked out of the police force Special Branch for being a Lone Ranger.

I’ve been cast out of the youtube truth community for being……ME!

Dad and Uncle Jim are now dead. I’m alive but I’m fake because J is a fake letter.