As my mate, Sylvia, pointed out a day or so ago – the so-called “Divine Masculine” has been in this childish state for too many years.

No matter the age of him, 40’s,50’s,60’s, he is still searching for a mother’s comfort. Or as Jung so wisely says – A Man Searching For a Soul.

This HAS to be the cruellest trick played by God/The Creator/The Divine EVER.

To choose a very small, select number of men and women to come forward (as stated in The Book of Revelation) and help to heal our broken world, and then…..AND THEN…present males who REFUSE to grow up and take responsibility for themselves, never mind the rest of us.

Jeez. I’ve seen the tantrums, the avoidance, the hiding, the running away, the disassociation, the EGO, the flaunting of a hundred others whom they consider much better and more worthy than their counterpart.

The viciousness, the rejections, the projections, the silences, the lies, the self-inflating, the self-importance….the habitual thumb-sucking when they are denied attention.

It’s sad. A Greek-fucking-Tragedy.