Fortunately I’m too busy to sit in a corner and cry for days and too much of a Highlander not to let the anger DRIVE me forwards.

There is so much interesting stuff in life. GOOD stuff. Positive stuff.

I was “almost” a member of the Special Investigations Branch of the British Army.

“Almost” a certified Aromatherapist.

“Almost” a certified Feng Shui Consultant.

“Almost” a proper Historian.

All of the above didn’t happen because of my own life choices and circs.

But to become “Almost” a member of the yt truth community is slightly more complicated.

YES. The choices were mine – the reactions were NOTHING to do with me and everything to do with The Them.

THE THEM went too far. In my opinion.

And can’t turn back.

Anyway & By the by :

What with The Compass School, The Black Hat School and The New Age School – all of which conflict, it gets a bit overwhelming – BUT…

…I know how to use a Bagua!

YAY. An almost but not quite good enough :o)