It’s cold here.

It’s VERY cold.

We have no oil for the Rayburn so we have no central heating.

Only one thing (?) to do – EAT!

My slow-cooker is getting such a bashing right now and next week I have my sights on a TRUE French Cassoulet.

OMG – Proper Comfort Food :o)

P.S. The other thing to do in the cold and the dark is NOT gonna happen here any time soon. Not when all I need in bed is a duvet, a quilted bedspread, another quilted bedspread, a homemade crocheted blanket, my dressing gown, my ankle length hooded fleece nightie, bed socks, two hot water bottles and an audiobook :o)

BTW – notice the Cathar Cross on the cooking pot? ? ?

Wake me up at the end of April, please.