Whoa. This is a bizarre sync.

Yesterday, he and me were watching yt videos on the telly. And because I refuse to pay £12 per month to have ad free yt on my Amazon FireStick, we get ads. Every 3 seconds.

One ad, yesterday, was for the latest L’Oreal (because you are worth it) anti-ageing cream.

I may have said a bad word at the ad and he asked me…’What? Do these creams not work?’

Cue a rant :o)

Anything ‘Cosmetic’ that you can buy anywhere which claims to be anti-ageing SITS on the skin. It does not penetrate the layers. Yes. You’ll feel good for a short while but…!

Anything that penetrates the skin is classified as a “pharma-ceutical” and is highly controlled by governments and medicals.

Or it’s called “Alternative Medicine.”

A sad but true fact, that few women know, is that a man’s skin ages better than a woman’s because he shaves every day. He removes the layers of dead skin on the surface of his face.

My own beauty routine is cheap as chips.

Grapeseed Oil – used by masseurs because it penetrates the skin.

Or even a punctured capsule of Vitamin E oil because it penetrates the skin.

Followed by a rub of salt and pure lemon juice – to get rid of all the yukky dead skin cells.

And a rinse with warm water and lavender essential oil (which penetrates the skin) – splash face about 20 times.

OR – you can fall for the advertising and spend hard earned money on a jar of expensive crap.