Pissed off? Moi?

After gagging on Bing Crosby in National Lampoon played full blast in the kitchen – I just HAD to retaliate.

Hey. I’m a Scot. We fight injustice, prejudice and perceived powers-that-want-to-be.

Although I love that bit of the film when Clark has a paddy, kicks Santa and the reindeers in the head and his wife just switches on a switch.

Clark gets ALL the glory for his absolute brilliance.


The Good Pub Guide.

Mmmn. Our village landylady, Jackie, is trying desperately to sell the pub. She’s suffering. OMG. These past 3 years….she has SUFFERED from the Global BS.

Oh. BTW. The UK has a new disease. It’s killing just children now. Strep A or B or x or whatever 26 letters they will use to further the fear.