C’mon, men.

THIS is what it’s all about.

You feel so threatened by women now that you’ve all gone UBER-ALPHA MALE.

What with the trans stuff and the female politicians and your own Oedipus Complex……Y’all HATE women.

You want them. For sex and food and servitude and obedience but we females are, at heart (according to men) Jezebel, Witch, Bitch, Full of Penis Envy, Stupid, Sluts, Whores, Frigid, Bad-Tempered, Fickle, Feckless, Nagging Scolds, Boring, Domineering and Full of Nonsensical Nonsense.

YET – you men will do and say anything to get a woman. She and only SHE will make you a REAL MAN.

BTW : My leaving do from Berlin was spent in a Russian Hotel on the east side of the wall. We were always the first that anyone would meet going through Checkpoint Charlie. Us British Military Police had the first tiny room, just one person, all alone, on their own. The French had the next tiny room, two people. The Americans had the biggest room at the back with several people.

Whenever we British Soldiers etc passed through Charlie we HAD to wear full uniform. OMG. That evening, my entire platoon passed through, in uniform, with passports. The poor other platoon RMP man was not taken the piss out of…..much !

My advice – for what it’s worth – do NOT drink pure Russian Vodka in a Russian Hotel.

Vodka. Vodka. Vodka.

My hangover lasted nearly a week :o)


P.S. When any American came to our window….with the Union Jack outside….and asked us if we spoke English. The standard RMP reply was – NO. But, go to the end, there (leaning out of the window and pointing left) Those wonderful Americans speak English.