So Marie de Rohan, Duchesse de Chevreuse wrote.


She was writing about Cardinal Richelieu.

Dampierre was her country home. Although it had belonged to her husband, who’d not bothered to marry until Marie proposed to him. She was 22 and a widow with 2 or 3 children. He was about 45.

Dampierre was run down and a bit too provincial for Marie but she loved everything about it. Which was lucky because both Louis XIII and Richelieu had a fondness for exiling her from Paris to this country estate.

In 1638, when threatened with execution by King and Cardinal, Marie fled to Spain and the court of Felipe IV. All her lands and property were sequestered and their income funnelled to the Royal Coffers. But they could not take anything from Marie.

She was the wife of a Duc of Lorraine (Claude de Chevreuse) – a son of the House of Guise.

Look up Mary, Queen of Scots for the immense political importance of this family.

Or go even further back in history and check out Rene d’Anjou and Jehanne d’Arc.

My French is bad but I understood a quarter of this video :o)

P.S. The house here is NOT the house that Marie knew. It was glorified by her eldest son, Colbert’s son-in-law.

P.P.S Marie was born in December 1600. Day unknown. So I gave her the birth date of 3rd of December 1600. She HAD to be a Sagittarian :o)

Happy Birthday.