And NO. I will never stop writing about this subject because it was REAL. It happened. And it all but destroyed me and my family.

OK. Heads Up.

Y’all didn’t NEED to publicly humilate.

Y’all didn’t need to publicly insult.

Y’all didn’t need to ban.

Y’all didn’t need to email my friends and family pretending to be me.

Y’all didn’t need to hack my Patreon account.

Y’all didn’t need to do any of what was done.


C’mon. ‘Fess up.

When a person enters your life you refuses to kiss your arse on bended knee, y’all WANTED to destroy her.

I may be just a “pathetic/useless/unworthy” housewife and mother now – but that hasn’t always been the case.

YET. STILL, everything ever written here is still promoted as a lie and fake.

Martin Liedtke once publicly called me out for “projection.” He thought that I was projecting my faults on him. Just because I questioned his narrative.

It is not Parasites or Elites or Left Wing or Right Wing that control your world.


Every single empath who ever existed is a person who has gone through so much personal trauma, that reality of DEATH as opposed to the fear of it, that they HAVE HAD to develop a coping mechanism to save themselves. It could be ego. Absolutely.

But it’s also the bone marrow deep NEED to help others. It’s their Meaning of Life. Their entire reason for BE-ing.

My biggest life lesson ?

Some just don’t WANT to be helped. They know everything.

Tar Tar, mes braves.