On January the 25th 2023 it will exactly 2 years since I lost my 8 stone baby.

In the winter he was my hot bottle. We’d sleep back to back.

Or feet to back….when he’d try and push me off the bed.

My bedroom door is always open because he’d often remember that he was On Guard. But then he’d get distracted by an itch. Or a sticky bit of fur that had to be licked 1,000 times.

Then I’d throw pillows at him.

Which got the thought vibe – Thanks, Mum. I needed something soft to put my head on.

Jeez. I need another GSD in my life.

They will drive you to the very edge of patience and then be so heart-breakingly sweet and wonderful that you couldn’t help but love them :o)


P.S. When we first got married we had two GSD’s. Double trouble/love.