I thought I’d be really triggered by this video.

Sod the fact that Mia is a transgender, bisexual, political, atheist – none of that mattered.

I really like her humour.

From my own personal point of view – Mia kind of doubles back on herself when she says that Fomenko et al are FAKE.

Her history is great. Yes, Russia WAS multi-cultural. Mainly Slav but included many other ethnic groups.

My go to book from this Russian/Slavic N.C team team is called TSAR OF THE SLAVS.

Maybe she missed that one because at the end of the video she says that it took a long time to read a few of the books.

And, yes. I’m slightly biased having 1% Russian and 1% Caucasian DNA.

Just shoot me. I’ll still come to haunt y’all :o)

More PPPPPS’s – One of her patreon patrons is called Amanda B.

Go figure!