I’ve spent more than 4 years watching this stuff and all I’ve learned is….

A RESET happened (dates and contemporary evidence unknown)

A population was destroyed (dates and reasons and contemporary evidence unknown)

A new population came in from underground (dates, reasons, location and contemporary evidence unknown)

All BIGGER THAN A BOX buildings were built by an older world (dates, reasons, wherewithal, contemporary evidence unknown)

A mud flood happened (dates, reasons, specific locations, contemporary evidence unknown)

Some kind of slitty eyed reptiles took over mankind dates, (reasons, wherewithal, contemporary evidence unknown)

We were all made shorter than 30 or more feet tall (dates, reasons, wherewithal, contemporary evidence unknown)

The sun and the moon are fake and just man-made reflections of the earth (ditto)

The pyramids contain extraordinary powers (ditto)

A GREAT FLOOD wiped out most of the known world (ditto)

All photographs in the entirety of photographic history have been vanilla’d (faked) …… ditto all previous dittos.

There is NO HISTORY AT ALL before 1850 even though my own family have traced us back to the 1500’s (I’ve gone ditto mad)

God Does NOT EXIST anymore – he’s been kicked out by The They Them ELITE CONTROLLERS. (see above dittos)

I’m not picking on the girl in the video below. She’s done exactly what she was programmed to do. And made a great case for her Tartaria lesson to every single person who has access to youtube.

She is one amongst MANY.

Hey. I work alone and own this blog – So I’m allowed FREE SPEECH HERE!