I posted a few days back about the time when my husband was away for 6 months and my Haters devised a plan to destroy me. They wanted to catch me in a threesome. With my two young children asleep in the house.

But they lacked certain facts. Like the FACT that the Officer Commanding of the Unit, Mr Green, had been my training officer in Chichester. Or the fact that it was HIM who’d given me the best recruit posting – to Berlin. Or the fact that he had taken me to one side during training and told me that I needed to go to Sandhurst to train as an officer. I refused.

LOL. ME? An officer? I’m a peasant.

The morning after that horrific night, Mr Green summoned me to his office and implored me to sue the perps for what they’d done. He even gave me the card of his own family lawyer and DEMANDED that I do as he said.

I refused. His reply?

Jackie – You have shown great dignity in all of this.

I’ve never forgotten that compliment.