You don’t need to read this to understand me.

So we have an alternate history now. Written by, videoed by, shared by, vlogged by, a small number of people who have made such an impact on so many minds via the W.W.WEB that I, personally, absolutely feel/think/believe there can and will be no reparations.

Ego and money took over TRUTH and sanity.

Just because a few historical dates and circumstances were (almost =99.99999% = definitely) changed – we are now being taught by unqualified teachers that ALL HISTORY IS A LIE.

I was told the other day in a live chat WITH ABSOLUTE CONVICTION that the pyramids of Egypt had been submerged by “The Flood” for 300 years.

I left that “fact” hanging and contained my disbelief.

What so many seem to ignore is that NOW, this time, is about 400 years after the manipulation of history first began. How many generations of pupils have come and gone since then? How many teachers? How many books written?

Historians today are NOT stupid or evil or thick as pig shit. They just repeat what they’ve been taught. Without question.

We are in a whole new era of equivocation and dissimulation.

Were there not Japanese soldiers found who had no idea that the War had ended ?

Are there not youtube alt history viewers who have no idea that they are being conned?

Even PKD could not write a sequel to this book. He’d had enough of fascism!

a political system headed by a dictator in which the government (or youtube) controls business and labor and opposition is not permitted.