Wagatha Christie? This cracks me up every time I hear it :o)

Rebekah’s story came the other day. Now this is Coleen’s side.

I knew nothing about it when it was all happening but I’m watching now because of a total, brutal sync with my own life.

Long Story – upshot of which was my total humiliation in front of the entire CP Training Company

The people I lived with on a small camp. The people I worked with – The CP Training Wing – and those who were a small but select group of close friends.

My husband? He was away on a 6 month tour guarding some British Ambassador in some effed up country.

The highest ranking man in the company, the Officer Commanding, saved me that night from the planned double rape or (what they thought they’d capture…..) me having a threesome with the babysitter and my next door neighbour.

The O.C. even gave me the number of his own lawyer and told me to take the WOMAN (my next door neighbours wife!!!!) who’d done all this to court for defamation of character.

Well Done, Coleen. Like I’ve always told my husband and my sons – BEWARE OF WOMEN. SOME OF THEM ARE TRULY EVIL!