Way back in 2001 when my fave critique partner and I got together, I’d started a spreadsheet for a book with a working title “The Fragrance of Fate.”

This was my research into the sense of SMELL.

Sir Walter Raleigh smelled of strawberry.


The trouble with a computer and/or a phone is that you can see/hear but never taste or smell or touch.

To this day I can remember the smell of Tsar. Our beautiful German Shepherd.

The taste of Marmite takes me back to my brothers and I around the breakfast table before school.

The touch of velvet sends me back on to the stage in a drama class.

These three senses begin at birth. A baby is born and taken to the mother’s breast. The baby feels, smells and tastes. It’s primeval.

Computers are not even half of a whole.

If you hold your lover in your arms and don’t get drunk on their natural scent – they are not your partner.


Love involves all 5 senses and that enigmatic 6th sense.

As Napoleon supposedly said to Josephine – Home in three days. Don’t wash.

Now THAT is Hidden History :o)