I’ve come to a life-changing realisation.

The past 5 years of my life here have been a complete and utter failure.

I can post stuff like this until the day dot but it will still be purposefully hidden by my peers because it doesn’t kiss their own personal agenda videos.

There are only two people )in my humble opinion( worthy of respect. Both of whom have publicly spoken about being mistaken in their previous videos. OMG!

So – changing your mind and learning more is now a HERESY and worthy of public burning.

In the past four years the piles upon piles of excrement that have been pontificated about include a “really puzzling mystery” about “ancient tartarian” buildings.

Shit. They have no loos.

Must be the elite or the breathertarians or the adrenochrome junkies or NASA or the flood or the reset of 1850 that have hidden the TRUTH from us all.

OR. So called alternative historians don’t have a firkin clue what they are talking about.

In HISTORY, there is a title that aristocratic men of ambition would KILL to obtain.


They stood guard on, what was called in Britain, the Close-Stool.

In France it was called the Chaise Percée.

Henry Rich, 1st Lord Holland, close friend of George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham and lover of Marie de Rohan (also father of her 4th child) held such a title. His High Honour was to be there when James I Stuart sat on the potty.

Romans had steam baths. Turks had steam baths. Arabs had steam baths. Bath, England had steam baths. In London there was a district called The Stews in Shakespeare’s time. Steam baths with added extras.

Yet we still are being force fed this kind of crap.

Hallelujah and Hail those who know everything yet listen to nothing but themselves.


Time to exit stage left.