It’s been so long since I’ve felt such excitement over a research source.

HERE is everything that I’ve fought for almost 5 years to say through this blog and on yt.

And what came back?

A comment about having to buy a heavier blanket to cope with ascension.

A comment about The Hidden History Research being so hidden that no one can find it.

A comment about Brits having the most untrustworthy accent in the world.



That’s all this has been.

NOISE. Ugly little ear worms trying to burrow into my brain.

I thank my God for making a strong and independent woman of me.

Having a truly bad case of body dysmorphia…so bad that I avoid mirrors…is just a foible aka a mental health issue that stalks.

Hey, guys. I’m nothing special. In fact, I’m a bit of a bore. If I tell a joke, you’ve probably heard it before :o)

Know Thyself.

And take what my dearly beloveds call The Mad Pills when it is needed. There is ZERO shame in being on anti-depressants.