“A heretic is not the one who burns at the stake but the one who lights it.”

It’s so bloody boring reading so many people BLAME everyone else for this life.

Hordes of historical people were burned at the stake for “perceived” HERESY.

Those burned challenged what we now call “the elite”/”the powers that be”/”the controllers etc.

HERESY is :  Derived from Ancient Greek haíresis (αἵρεσις), the English heresy originally meant “choice” or “thing chosen”. However, it came to mean the “party, or school, of a man’s choice”, and also referred to that process whereby a young person would examine various philosophies to determine how to live.

We are the choices we make. And when we CHOOSE to place all the power in a totalitarian entity – we give up our divinity and humanity.

Yes. Life can be shit. Only entitled and precious people expect to live a life full of unicorns and candyfloss.

We are all facing Hard Times. We can blame and whine and whinge and suffer OR we can adapt and learn and thrive with the pure and undefeatable knowledge that a “GOOD LIFE” is one where we care for/love/look after/laugh with/hug/stand by/respect/HONOUR every single wonderful moment we share with those we love.

It is called SURVIVAL.

And the Human Spirit IS a survivor that can never be killed unless we let it happen.

Here endeth the lesson :o)