In 10 days I will CELEBRATE my 60th birthday.

Yes. Celebrate to the max.

All year I’ve been freaking out about this number.

OMG – I’m old enough to be the mother of so many of the people on yt. Eeek. Hide. Shame.

I’m a useless DINOSAUR.

Then I thought of my own mother.

She died very suddenly and unexpectedly a few weeks after her 49th birthday. So, in 10 days I will become 11 years older than she was the last time we saw her.

Sadly – my mother and I were never friends. We were mother and daughter. She gave birth to me and I was born from her.

She never had the chance to meet her 2nd grandson. I was pregnant when she died.

All through history there was respect for the Elders. Look at the Native Americans. Their elders are their teachers. The Chinese have/had total respect for the older generation.

What if GOD was one of us? He’d be an old man. Would y’all diss him too, then send him to the nearest plastic surgeon?

Grow up.