Collecting my research together the other day showed me just how many books I have about Mary Magdalene.

Dan Brown has a lot to answer for.

First came the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail which suggested that Christ had married. That was decades ago. And this myth of The Magdalene has gone totally OTT.

We now have The Sacred Virgin & The Sacred Whore.

M M (once a sign for LUST and not some Freemason BS number)

Everyone knows(!?) that the Magdalene was a whore.

Shock Horror.

She, apparently, left the Holy Land after the death of her husband with lots of other Marys and landed in the South of France. Where she lived for 40 odd years in a cave, naked but for her floor length hair.

Surely that would be the END of the Holy Line. Yes? No?

What happened to the children? Where did they go? Did they grow up and marry and procreate?

There is a very strong suspicion in MY althistory world that the woman known as MM was the DAUGHTER, or even granddaughter, of “Christ.”

She went to the south of France to marry. But she was rejected by her husband and ended up marrying and having children with a Prince, later King, of Catalonia.

It’s ALL about family. Or else it means NOTHING.

Just saying :o)