Revisiting The Black Madonna

I have not touched on this subject since early 2019.

Black Madonnas

Many years ago whilst researching the early 15th century, I came across the Black Madonna phenomenon. It has always intrigued and I promised my self back then that, when the time was right, I’d investigate deeper.

Seeing differently now, learning so many new things, I think the time is very right.

Black Madonnas, whether picture or statues are found WORLDWIDE. Yet nobody knows how, where, when, why.

The image above is the Black Madonna of Russia.

This one above is in Dublin, Ireland.

This is from Poland.

They are all beautiful and they always depict the Virgin Mary and Christ child.

Let’s see where we end up going :o)


I’m still not 100% sure of the history of these many but rarely talked about icons. The links are numerous and often spurious. But I have the formation of article coming together.

Yay :o)

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