There is nothing better than dearly beloveds to bring you down to earth.

A son and his two parents spent ages this morning bickering about wood burner and being cold. Himself went all Alpha and announced his Bear Grylls capabilities.

Cough. The fire lasted less than 3 minutes. So he gave up. I harummpphheedd and said I’d collect twigs from the garden for kindling and use some white spirit.

Son told us both to just shut up and he’d light the fire. Then his parents descended into a tit-for-tat bitch-sesh and my not earning any money came up again.

So I proclaimed :



I’m A Student Handout!

I found out something totally amazing today!

An article I wrote, called The Smell of the Middle Ages by Jacquelyn Hodson (my posh name), is being used in Californian schools as a study handout in their Humanities and Science programme. Eeek!

It is also listed as a Medieval study subject for the Moses Lake School, WA in America…

It has been read 842 times on the Society for Creative Anachronism website…

In May 2004 it was voted Site of the Month on The Gode Cookery pages…

And it is currently the second most popular Medieval link on the Legio Draconis: Art of Combat site.

The piece was originally written for Tamara Mazzei the founder of Trivium Publishing whom I was lucky enough to spend the day with in Lincoln and at Bolingbroke Castle in 2002. She kindly posted it on her new publishing website that year and I thought little more about it.


Seven years on and that little piece now has a life of its own. I’m so proud!

Thank you Tamara :o)

Forgive me for tooting my own trumpet but I knew none of this until today.


So how did you earn for that, then, eh? was the question.

Uuurm. Nothing.

Sulk o(