Mmmmn. This one really gets on my tits – as the Welsh say.

Celebrity. Yeh.

I was once waiting to book into the Ritz, Paris and the couple in front of us were (in their minds) CELEB-RITES. One even said that disgusting phrase…..


To make it worse – they were British.

I felt like shouting out NO. And No ONE CARES, dickhead.


I saw something in the same class as this on yt today. something to do with M&M and 8 Miles and Flipflop country.

But he can do that childish, moronic stuff because – – – He’s a CELEBRITY )?????(

And all the commenters who comment on all the other TRUTH COMMUNITY CHANNELS all thought it was brilliant.

ERGO : The Cult of Celebrity is also The Cult of Destroying Other Peoples’ Lives.

So – how does that help all of humanity? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

It doesn’t. It’s pure SELFISHNESS.