From a very young age I was the one always there to help.

I got a right beating for coming home from school in Arbroath looking like a pikey. She didn’t even listen when I tried to tell her that I was protecting my little brother from bullies and ended up being beaten by them.

Being able to feel a room on entry is another beating.

Head in the loo is a usual for me. It’s a physical purging of negativity.

That’s called BEING SENSITIVE.

A great revelation was having the gift/curse transfer over the internet. I’ve even been laid flat on my kitchen floor doing the NDE thing after reading a disgusting comment about me on yt. I’ve journalled the entire thing on my previous blog.

So much of life is a LIFE LONG LESSON.

I’ve been 13 (know it all) 17 (Know it all) 33 (Know It ALL) 40 (KNOW IT ALL) 50 (WTF?)

Then a tide turns and you suddenly understand just how utterly stupid you truly are. How frightened you are. How programmed you are. How subservient you are.


But so many refuse to learn so they Suffer the repeating of lessons that they’ve refused to learn. Some die still suffering. Some die having learned. Which are you?