God. I LOVE Pikeys.

I’m a pikey at heart. Always was and will be.

I love their disregard for “the norms” and their complete devotion to FAMILY.

TRUE STORY from today.

He’s 2 hours late because of ER. They were caught up in a fracas in SkegVegas.

Some numb-nut drug dealer tried selling drugs to an 11 year old Irish gypsy kid. His Dad saw and went totally mentals. Hammer. Car smashed to bits as dealer tried to escape. Dad turns up at dealers house with a mate and smashes down the front door.

Somethings are just not worth trying. And messing with the gypsies is high on the list.

The Dad says to my husband – No fff druggie is ffff selling fffff shit to my ffffffffff family.

Love it.

BTW – despite what others say, this is Brad’s BEST role ever. In my humble opinion.