I made Himself watch this one this morning after yet another “discussion.”

He said : Yehyeh. Nigerians. Car accident. Love Rat. Asks for money. I’ve been down Scam Street in Lagos.

I then got very antsy. Yes. Our first company office was in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and we were put through many a money scam. The favourite at the time had to do with bunkering the ships we needed for the off-shore close protection of gas and oil workers.

At $250,000 a time….that would suddenly go missing and then necessitated my many hours on the phone to the bank (after paying the standard £25 fee) to ask for a money trace and getting nowhere……….FACT!

It didn’t take too long to find out the scam. The fuel all went into a hidden bunker under the bunker and then we’d have to pay again to fuel the ship. Easy money. $500,000 later.

So. This scam is quite normal to us and I told him to watch and learn how the long, complicated con can be worked. Way outside Scam Street.

As if I’d be so stupid enough to show him something common and all too well known.


This Hustle is truly brilliant. Sadly.

P.S. We were paid in $. And paid out in $ converted to GPB. At the daily exchange rate. I became an expert XE watcher and had to send many an email to a nasty employee accusing me (personally) of stealing their wages from them…..with me pointing out I DON’T CONTROL THE INTERNATIONAL BANKING SYSTEM.


Everything comes down to money, money, money.