All I need is closure. Something beyond the years long banning and multiple abuses by his fave subs and mods.

It all began with an email I sent thanking for his work and how much I’d it enjoyed it – in 2018.

Then I stupidly joined a live chat and REALLY felt the Complete & UTTER HATRED of UAP and his mates.

But – to this day. Not a one of them has EVER told me WHY.


What did I do?

What caused every one of them to take my work and give it to themselves or others?

Why was my PATREON account destroyed?

Why – all these years later – have I still NEVER earned a penny from my writing?

What is it about me that y’all despise so much?

Just an answer to this will close the book.

BUT – Narcs will NEVER close the abuse. They THRIVE on the pain they cause.


It’s way beyond UAP. Martin is even worse but at least he leaves me alone now. His spliff intake has totally effed his memory. FACT!