All That GLISTERS Is Not Gold : The Shiny Toy Phenomenon

This line is one of the most mis-quoted of all.


BTW : I met Gary Glitter. He booked into the tiny hotel in Amesbury that I was the receptionist of. With a very young girl…….Hey. I had NO IDEA. Fact.

Modern life places so much value on the Shiny Toy, be it a car, a diamond, a pretty face, a credit card, a nubile body, a watch, a gold tooth etc.

We get caught in the “game.”

The shinier the better.

It began in the beginning. Shakespeare used the warning well.

Then (as the modern world is…!) Indiana Jones said it again.

Watch and learn. Or not. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this spiel but nobody seems to want to hear it.


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