This intrigues me.

I’m neither a fan nor an expert on Betty I Tudor but she certainly lived in interesting times.

My recent researches are all about the men around her. Giordano Bruno, Essex, Florio, Walsingham, Cecil, Dee, Rutland….Shakespeare.

What catches me most here is not so much the panegyrics around her as Goddess of the World but the connection made right at the beginning of the video with the rulers of Constantinople.

John II Comnenus had a younger brother called Isaac who married a woman called Kata/Irene. Kata/Irene was a daughter of Emperor David IV (The Builder) of Georgia.

Isaac and Irene had three children – Andronicus I Comnenus, John and Anna (?)

Andronicus married – and I have yet to find his REAL wife – and had three children, one of whom married the granddaughter of David of Georgia, Rusudan.

Rusudan’s older sister was Tamar, Empress of Georgia, who rescued her nephews, sister and maybe her brother in law from Constantinople after the crucifixion of Andronicus.

Ergo – The picture of Mother Mary and the Christ child with the rulers of Constantinople makes sense to me.