For me this has sweet Fanny F All to do with religion. Although religious fundamentalism is rife.

At it’s very core – this word/belief/concept/modus operandi is static and stagnant and so deeply programmed that NOTHING will sway the fundamentalist.


It is the EXACT opposite of Natural Law which is intrinsically fluid and ever changing.

WE are the PERFECT form of natural law in action. We change, without conscious thought or action. We breathe…slow or fast. Our heart beats…slow or fast. Our hair and nails grow. Our skin wrinkles. OUR BONES RESET THEMSELVES!!!!!

The clues to all this are in that word.

Fundament is an olde worlde word for bottom/bum/arse/ass. What we all sit on.

Mental is mind.

Ism is just a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement.

So that makes a mind/bum ideology – full of shit???