Even today I used an OXO cube.

I was raised in this environment. So were my boys. And even their father.

Meals were a meeting place around the table with good food, family talk (?) and sharing.

These adverts stopped in the early 1990’s when “family” morphed into a foreign concept.

TV dinners. Takeaways. Fast food.

A table? Cutlery? Plates?


There has long been a wicked campaign to destroy the very core of our lives. FAMILY.

Father works. Mother works. Kids palmed off. Divorce. Kids abandoned. Step-families. Chaos. Mayhem.

I still have chaos and mayhem here. But it’s NOT negative. It’s REAL FAMILY LIFE.

God bless Lynda. She died not so long ago from cancer :o(

P.S. OXO always reminds me of winter. Especially Bonfire Night. My mother would always make my brothers and I a mug of hot oxo to warm us up.