My mother in law was born in Margate to a young girl, father unknown. M I L was taken at birth and fostered. Then adopted. She too gave birth aged 14 to a baby girl, father unknown…taken at birth, then…?

I’ve seen this PC name promoted so many times and he came up in my feed so I thought I’d watch.

ZION Place. Margate.

Secret mudflood.

OK. I live in a village a mile away from a town that is built upon a network of “roman” tunnels.

The “roman” tunnels are deep down. Covered by many coverings. My husband works for the local council on construction and is often filling in potholes.

What is a pot hole? Ask yourself.

Even in our tiny town, when the many levels of tarmac are effed and create a hole, we can see the Victorian cobbled street underneath. I’VE SEEN IT. I’ve talked to men who’ve walked the miles of tunnels beneath the Lincolnshire Wolds.

I live in a house, in a tiny village on a hill, with a level beneath us. The trap door to it was revealed when we lifted all the carpets. It’s so deep down that not a one of us has ever ventured there. FACT.

There is ZERO mystery.


Sorry, Paul but I call Own Goal.