I’m a life-long lucid dreamer. It’s natural.

But what no “guru” will say is how exhausting a lucid dream is.

Had one last night. I woke up after 8 am. Almost 3 hours later than usual. So everything is on the tilt today.

The Dream?

Well. Me and my traveller-in-crime had bought a second hand motor home and were refurbing it to drive alles uber die platz.

She decorated it one way and then I’d do a redo. Then we were lost somewhere up in the North Pole trying to find a route to Berkshire. ?

I knew the way. And then didn’t. And we ended up trying to find the entrance to a tunnel which would give us the entrance to a bridge over an ocean.


This video is much more fun.

P.S. I love my sister-in-law to bits IRL. We have NEVER had an argument or a bad word between us.

We’d both be SO GOOD at this. I KNOW. We’ve done it in my garden on bikes. I ended up with blood-flowing – ergo – she won :o)