No offence to the content creator . I’m just stating my opinion.

Based on decades of alt.research.

Gilles de Rais is not quite as well known as Vlad the Impaler or Elizabeth Bathory but his “history” has so many similarities.

Except ONE.

The Marshal de Rais was (so they say) one of Jehanne d’Arc’s closest friends. Her general. There is not ONE SINGLE quote from The Maid of France denouncing Gilles.

Which begs a question or several.

Was she NOT the mystic virgin who’d been told by God and the Angels to save France?

Or was she actually a real peasant on the grift?

If all is as we are taught then Jehanne and her comrades on campaign would have been in very close proximity to each for long periods of time.

And she NEVER suspected that he was the Devil Incarnate and a child molester/killer?

BTW : The name Rais comes up in 17th century French History. It’s then RETZ and belongs to priests of the Catholic Church.

Just saying :o)