Mental and Emotional abuse – by their very nature – are subjective.

There is nothing physical there. No broken bones, no DNA of semen, no tracks in blood, no weapon to recover and analyse.

What Social Media has done is perpetrate the most insidious and “circumstantial” form of abuse.

Victims are chosen. They become the prey of a group of people with evil intent and zero accountability.

This “gang” can get away with the destruction of too much and know that they will NEVER be convicted of a heinous crime against humanity.

A snarky comment here. A stolen piece of someone else’s life there. An unbelievably stupid lie told but backed up by a multitude of others. A “fact” spoken with such plausible authority that it would be surly to question it.

I grew up in a very violent household. When Dad stopped, Mum started. Hair torn out by the roots. Blood flowing. Bruises that take weeks to heal. Strangulation marks around my neck and a croaky voice.


What’s so painful about today’s abuse is it leaves not a single bruise or broken bone or blood spatter. It’s not done out of passion or a moment of madness.


And every single time the victim exposes this truth, their plan kicks up another gear.

I KNOW. I’ve had my life destroyed by it. With not a single physical injury to prove it.

These people are good at their evil. These people are EXPERTS.

Sweet Bill Maloney survived. JUST.