Well. It’s different.

I learned a lot.


This one is just outside The Atlantis on Palm Jumeirah (stayed there 3 times)

Then I spent a few days in Abu Dhabi with “The Prince.”

My traveller-in-crime and I had the honour of being driven around Abu Dhabi by the prince in his custom made BMW.

Roundabout etiquette? Nah. White lines and lanes. Nah. He blasted us with rock music and scared us half to death by his driving.

“the Prince” is a son of Mohamed bin Zayed bin Sultan bin Zayed bin Khalifa bin Shakhbout bin Theyab bin Issa bin Nahyan bin Falah bin Yas.

My youngest used to have his mobile phone number. I liked him even though he was clueless about real life and could not hold a conversation.