Greta Brookes had so many haters and bans from the “tartaria” alt hists and their flying monkeys that she lost her life. Surely that was enough for them?

Not a bit of it.

Forget FEB and JL

– this came from a family that I’d supported with words and CASH. I never got a thank you from the family. Just a video where Dave agreed with Gracie and pretended to ban me.

I’d changed my yt profile to escape the hatred. Fernley Dale?

That was my part of my dead mother’s name.


Fernley’s mother’s ID card.

How nice of Gracie and partner to say that. NOT

Then FEB had a new commenter called David Greig. I sent an email to Martin telling him what was happening but he cared not one bit. Like ALL of the people in the shot of MY ytchan – they are so heartless they can use our dead loved ones to taunt and destroy us.

The very worst of all was a channel called UAP and his partner VENUS ROSE. They revelled in the fall of Greta Brookes…….but not so much that both of them could not steal and use her work to make money for themselves.

Beware False Prophets and The Devil’s Daughter. Sneaky as eff.

P.S. Even now SHE is posting about how LUST is good and make a person think they are in LOVE. Perfect Mates those two. Entertainment Purposes ONLY.