The TRUTH about the youtube Tartaria people.

Oh My GOD. I tried so very hard to get through.

I told FEB through a private email that someone was using my dead father’s name as a commenter on his channel and he’d already agreed with another Think Tanker that I was EVIL so he carried on abusing me in comments.

UAP declared that he’d invented something to cure psoriasis – which my youngest son has SUFFERED from since he was 3 years old. I’d already asked this channel creator (in private) to please stop his fave subs and mods from continuing their full on hate campaign against me. IGNORED.

My son’s daily pain – IGNORED.

Jon Levi promoted Sarah Tonen and “her” work based on Fomenko and NC – stolen word for word from me – along with Thin Lizzy and much more. I objected as the video played. JL deleted said video with nary an apology for the totally disgusting and very personal – against me – comments that his dearly God loved subs wrote to me.

These people. YOU TRUST THEM?



They don’t give a shit about YOU. They have one single care. THEMSELVES.

GOD’s HONEST TRUTH from someone who has seen them operate as so-called human people.

ZERO compassion. ZERO care. ZERO worry.