This really goes way back before Dan Green and Dan Brown to The Holy Blood & The Holy Grail.

Wow. So much fame and fortune has been made from this.

I’ve been interested in “Dan Green” for a long time because of his links to Lincoln. And the Cathedral there.

Why? Well. Lincoln seems to have a special place in this whole thing.

Henry Lincoln.

The Da Vinci scenes filmed in Lincoln.

“Dan Green” living in Lincoln.

I have no qualms with what is now called “The Holy Bloodline.” It’s basic. Man meets woman. Gets jiggy. Child born.

My own research into the Magdalene led me down very different roads that seem to suggest the MSM’s fave Conspiracy Theory would make “Jesus” not only a child molester but incestuous. The common theme for today’s mind-set.


Anyway. Whatever.

P.S, I stopped listening to late night Radio (Luxemburg) when I was very young. I’m now old enough to value my sleep :o)