No matter how beautiful she looked in Braveheart – Isabella of France has a very BAD reputation.

She finagled, lied, manipulated, defied, destroyed, betrayed and eventually murdered.

She hated Piers Gaveston and the Despensers (father and son) and got into such a hissy fit that she sailed home to Daddy. Daddy being the man who’d destroyed the Knights’ Templar.

According to MSM.

Daughter of Phillippe the Fair, Isabella married the son of Longshanks. Who may or may not have liked the pretty boys more than his wife. But, somehow, Isabella gave birth to Edward III of England.

But her son had her lover executed and his mother imprisoned for the rest of her life.

Bad, BAD BLOOD there.

It’s all making sense now :o)

And yes. I have Alison Weir’s book.