My name is Greig.

Greig is a sept of Gregor.

Children of the Mist Sir Walter Scott called us because we spent so long under ENGLISH government proscription. Anyone was allowed to kill a MacGregor and never be punished for it.

Centuries later, I’m living the nightmare.

Royal is My Race. I have ancestors known to history. I have family members named after said ancestors.

NOW : since I released all this TRUTH over 3 years ago, I’m stalked by other people with “famous” Scottish ancestors. King Amanda the Viking Kitten is a case in point.

Heads up. Here’s why me and mine ended up in Fife on the East coast of Scotland. Far away from our Hielan’ Hame.

From day dot until I was 10 years old, I grew up with my Dad being called Jock. As soon as he joined the Lincolnshire police, he slowly lost his accent. He’s also buried here in Lincolnshire.

I had MacGregor Tartan Ribbons on my wedding cake……