The Beginning of “New Earth” was foreseen a long time ago.

The Age of Aquarius, anyone?

Sylvie from NEW EARTH chose her youtube name well. I’ve not been there for 3 years or so…SO…I have no idea where/how she developed her work.

WARNING : Incoming Rant.

For the Love of God.

We were all given a chance to make this life a better place but…!

Being the greedy, attention-deficit, easily manipulated, combative, ego-centric, power-hungry, money-grubbing species that we are – we effed it up. AGAIN!

Spiritual Warfare is now a CLICHE that many scoff at without realising that their morals/spirit/love/humanity is being attacked by many thousands of distractions every single minute of every single day.

We ARE the choices we make and True Colours ARE being seen.

Being “awake” or “woke” or “woken” has Sweet FA to do with seeing the evil that is being inflicted on us daily.

Being “awake” or “woke” or “woken” has EVERYTHING to do with being True and Honest and Kind and Understanding and Willing To Learn from our own mistakes.

Just my opinion. For what it’s NOT worth.