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Autumn & Apple Wood & Mongolia

The enormous Genghis Khan statue in the middle of Badain Jaran desert. This desert is home to some of the tallest stationary dunes on Earth, some reaching a height of more than 500 meters. The desert features over 100 lakes that lie between the dunes, some of which are fresh water while others are extremely saline.

A few days ago we were all sweaty and salty. Now the season has changed with a vengeance.

I put the wood burner on this morning and tried out the wood that himself had emergency rescued on a highway and/or byway of Lincolnshire.

I swear it’s apple wood. The smell is amazing. It fills the whole house.

Anyhoo. As the wood struggled to catch light and throw out anything close to Warm – we put Amazon Prime on and watched this.

I’m only wear 5 layers of clothing today :o)

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